Indian Wedding Photography Trends

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Some Indian photography trends which become very popular in Indian weddings are-.

  1. The most popular trend in Indian photography during these days is to capture candid moments. The trend of capturing candid photos in wedding is become more popular now-a-days.
  2. Wedding proposal photography is also become very popular in Indian wedding. In wedding proposal photography, the marriage proposal moments are captured.
  3. Another Indian wedding trend is instant prints of photographs. Photographers set up their booths in wedding and print instant photographs for guests.
  4. In Indian weddings, celebration of wedding starts over a week, there are many rituals and ceremonies done everyday, so the moments these celebrations are to be captured. That’s why pre wedding photography and videography is very popular in India.
  5. Now-a-days, one trend in Indian wedding photography which becomes very popular is drone photography; drone photography is the creative videography from bird eye view, which helps to capture inaccessible areas.

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