Top Wedding Photography Trends of 2018

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Top Wedding Photography Trends of 2018

We have already entered into a new year with new hope and excitement. New resolutions and planning must have taken a place in everyone’s life by now. This year will going to be unforgettable especially for those who have decided to tie the knot. For those getting married this year, are you researching the popular wedding photography trends? Have you finalised any trend so far? Let’s take a look at few wedding photography trends that are gaining popularity in this year.

Pre–Wedding Photo Shoots
To enjoy their special day most, couples often choose to book a photo shoot before their wedding day. A pre-wedding photo shoot is the images of the couple and their bridal party, usually dressed in their wedding attire, before their big day. This started as a trend in Chinese and South Asian marriages and being followed worldwide now-a-days. This session enables couples to get lots of bridal pictures and hence save their precious time of big day.

Drone Wedding Photography
This trend has added a WOW factor in the field of photography and offer unique perspectives of a wedding ceremony that would otherwise be not possible to capture. This amazing kind of photography allows the capture of still images and video by a remotely-operated unmanned aerial vehicle, more commonly known as a drone. It offers a new perspective of clicking images from a height. With proper planning and execution, drone wedding photography can give ultimate results.
Unplugged Wedding Ceremony
This trend is being followed for a couple of years, but it continues to gain popularity. This kind of ceremony prevents your guests from taking pictures or video during the wedding ceremony. People attending the ceremony must realise that the couples are becoming savvier with wanting their photographers to capture the reactions of their guests rather than the mobile devices of guests covering the faces of the couples.

Real Candid Shots
Gone are the days when photographers shoot pictures using a film with the pressure of getting it perfect in the first shot. They used to take the print of only those photographs where everyone has made special poses. But with the advance technologies and the flexibility of digital media, photographers have freedom to the number of shots that can be captured. They prefer shooting authentic candid photographs that capture every expression of the bride, the groom and their relatives throughout the big day.

Use of Smoke Bombs
This trend is getting popularity day by day. The addition of colourful plumes and subsequent haze can give any shoot an amazing look. Practising with utmost care and necessary precautions, the usage of smoke bombs can make the wedding pictures look more interesting and happening.

Black and White Photography
This trend is a comeback in the field of wedding photography and has started gaining popularity after an era. Black and white pictures remove the focus from the variation in the composition and allows the viewer to focus on the moment captured.
With annuvision, make this big event of your life special by adding WOW factor to every pictures being captured. Do remember, these pictures are the priceless treasure of memories for your lifetime.

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